How to Get Traffic to Your Local Business’s Website – The Basics | SEO and SEM

It amazes me how many otherwise smart business owners really have no clue about all this “online stuff.” I guess I should be happy because those are the very same people who hire me as a consultant to fix up their underperforming websites. Today, however, I want to give you some tips any small business owner can use to get more online traffic and leads.1) Your Business Name Is NOT The Title Of Your Website

If you hired a website designer to build your website or worse, did it in house, the title of your website is probably your business name. If you were on trial for poor online marketing practices, this would be exhibit A and I would need nor further evidence to show you need a lot of help with your website.The only exception here is if you are the pre-eminent, top of mind, business in your area. By that I mean that in your area, you what Coke is to soft drinks, McDonald’s is to fast food, or Google is to search engines.If you’re not, however, then you need to describe your business in the title of your website. You can use your business name at the END of the title but not at the beginning.For example, if you did landscaping and were based in Omaha, Nebraska, you’d want your title to look something like this:

Landscaping Services in Omaha, NE – Design and MaintenanceHowever, the vast majority of business owners do something like this:Giorgio’s Land ArtistryThat’s only useful to me if I’m searching for your business by name.There are many other strategies that go into making your online website a successful one, but this one is so important, it can result in 10 times more traffic to your website almost overnight.